01. The [source] of the river is somewhere in the mountains.
02. His heavy drinking is the [source] of all his problems.
03. The BBC is the official [source] of news in England.
04. The main [source] of jobs for teenagers in this town during the summertime is the tourist industry.
05. [Sources] within the police department say that many officers feel that marijuana should be legalized.
06. The main [source] of income for many street performers is tourists.
07. The [source] of a lot of the maple syrup produced in the world is the state of Vermont.
08. Albert Einstein once said that the most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the [source] of all true art and science.
09. There is a Thai proverb which states that work is the [source] of all good.
10. A housefly can transport germs as far as 15 miles away from the original [source] of contamination.
11. The center of our galaxy is a powerful [source] of energy.
12. Low-fat dairy products are an excellent [source] of dietary calcium.
13. Our chief [source] of fresh water is the rainfall that collects in lakes and rivers.
14. Because work is so central in our society, it is a major [source] of personal and social identity.
15. Mozambique is one of the world's finest [sources] of seashells.
16. For decades, the West Bank and Gaza Strip have been a [source] of conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians.
17. Beer and wine were valued as important food [sources] in the Middle Ages in Europe.
18. Wind is now the world's fastest growing [source] of power.
19. Oil is the world's most important [source] of energy.
20. Common [sources] of indoor air pollution include tobacco smoke, biological organisms, building materials and furnishings, cleaning agents, copy machines, and pesticides.
21. All ingredients used in our restaurant are organic, and are [sourced] locally.
22. By [sourcing] fruits and vegetables from local farms, we can be sure that they are grown organically.
23. The basic [source] of all surface water on our planet is precipitation.
24. The chants of the Roman Church were the [source] and inspiration of a large proportion of Western music up to the 1700s.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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